About the Empire

The AV-Empire was established July 5, 2005 by  just a handful of individuals. We the  founders had a vision for quality and freedom. We are on a quest to free our constituents from the tyranny, oppression and unprofessionalism of hotel AV. Join us in our quest to bring this despotism to an end. And now we’re droppin the blog on ya’ll.

droppin the blog on'yall

We started this blog to get our message out to everyone. Here you will find educational articles that WILL make your life easier.  In fact, we’re adding to this thing all the time, but if you want to know something that’s not here, ask us! We’re not shy. We’ll tell you anything you want to know. people are already asking about typical screensizes for rooms, help with graphics, and why we’re so much better than anyone else out there.

Curious about certain venues? Chances are we’ve been there, and we have pictures of all the major meeting rooms. We’re posting more as we speak. We even have photos of YOUR event!

If you know everything you need to know about AV, then join us for some good clean fun. Check out our impromptu creme puff eating contest, or our copy-right infringing water bottle design. Want to support the cause? nothing says stick it to’em like a t-shirt or a button.

We’re the professionals. We’re here to help, recruit and entertain.

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