Centrifuge Media Employee of the Month, January-April ’11

Congratulations to all our Employee of the Month Winners so far this year!

January 2011-Frances Soo
“For the January Employee of the Month, I have chosen Frances Soo…Thanks Franny!” - Lauren Burgeson

February 2011- Marques Manning
“…I have selected Marques for this monthly award not only because of his hard work, but because it goes to show how valuable it is to be immersed in all facets of what Centrifuge Media does, but on top of that, having the ability to execute it. For his in-the-trenches leadership, and making the impossible possible, I give him this award.” - Mark Casey

March 2011-Will Sanders
“…In March (also beginning of April), Will has worn a couple of other hats. He has worn the ‘educator hat’ and has been working very closely with Jack to get him acclimated to how things are run here at Centrifuge, as well as, with the equipment. He also wore the ‘technician hat’ at one of my meetings and after dealing with a rough start, was able to get the meeting back on track and running smoothly. Congratulations to you Will, and to all of the ‘hats’ that you wear.” - India Lucas

April 2011-Creative Services
“Making the selection for April was pretty difficult because we’re all putting out some serious effort with all that’s been going on. With that being said, the employee of the month for April is the Creative Services Department. Behind the scenes Frances has been dealing with multiple binder projects, ordering/shipping print materials and wrapping up mediasite projects. Mark has also had his hands full creating looks, working on websites and materials and has spent several hours (even Sundays) editing multiple video projects. In addition to their creative work, they both also racked up some frequent miles traveling to programs. Congratulations and thanks for all you both do.” - Marques Manning

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